Grant Improves Access to Online Law Help and Funds Website Accessibility Toolkit for Legal Aid Organizations

November 09, 2017
Logo with person at center, representing website accessibility

UPDATE: See the final website accessibility toolkit for legal aid organizations published in 2020.

Legal Services Law Line of Vermont (now called Legal Services Vermont - LSV) received a two-year Technology Initiative Grant from the Legal Services Corporation to make the website more accessible. The grant’s main focus is to improve access for people who have disabilities and for people who use phones to access the website.

The project includes local website user testing and work with website accessibility experts. In conjunction with Atlanta Legal Aid Society, which is a partner on the accessibility project, LSV will also create a website accessibility manual. The manual will be shared with the national legal aid community.

LSC Technology Initiative Grants seek to improve legal services delivery to the low-income population. They aim to increase access by low-income persons to high-quality legal services, to the judicial system and to legal information.