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Become a Pro Bono Volunteer

Are you looking for legal help? Learn how to get a referral to Legal Services Vermont, Vermont Legal Aid or other legal help.

CLEs for Vermont attorneys: Join us virtually or at our office in Burlington on May 29 and 30, 2024, for a series of free CLE trainings! We’ll be hosting sessions on housing, wills and consumer law. These presentations will give you all the information you need to start volunteering with us. Follow this link for the full schedule and to sign up.

About our Pro Bono Program opportunities

Attorneys: Get involved by filling out our volunteer inquiry form. If you’ve already done so, check out our current volunteer opportunities below!

Our Pro Bono Program is a comprehensive, statewide project to connect volunteer lawyers with Vermonters in need. As volunteers, attorneys are asked to give some time to help low-income Vermonters, but their impact is far greater than that. Volunteers give dignity by reaching out and lending a helping hand; they give power to those in fear who face poverty every day; and they give hope where despair is the only reality. We receive approximately 2,000 calls for help every month, and volunteering helps us meet this growing need.

When you take a case from us, Legal Services Vermont staff will provide you with any support you need to work with our clients. We rely on your legal expertise, but we can help you with legal research, templates, training in certain areas of the law, and client support. Sign up to volunteer and make a difference in someone’s life!