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Pro Bono for First-Year Attorneys

Satisfy requirements and give back

Attorneys who are newly admitted to the Vermont bar must satisfy several requirements during their first year of practice. Our pro bono opportunities can help first-year attorneys satisfy these requirements. By offering your time to help, you also help us fight poverty and give power to Vermonters in need.

We provide training, resources, and support for many of our volunteer opportunities. To get started, fill out our volunteer inquiry form.

Mentorship Program Checklist

One requirement for first-year attorneys is completing the Mentorship Program Checklist. The checklist requires 40 hours of approved activities, broken down into four categories.

Bar Functions: We periodically offer trainings at bar events related to our volunteer opportunities.

Litigation-Related Activities: Our Rent Escrow Clinics assist unrepresented tenants at rent escrow hearings in four Vermont counties. These clinics offer limited representation to clients facing eviction under Vermont’s limited appearance rules and only require the commitment of a few hours. Observing these clinics counts towards this requirement, and our Rent Escrow CLE webinar counts towards your CLE requirement as well!

Transactional Law-Related Activities: Taking a case to help a Vermonter create a simple will counts towards this requirement, and we provide you with the training you need.

Access to Justice: Any volunteer work with us counts towards this requirement. We host other types of clinics, including Family Law Clinics, and place a variety of individual cases. You can also sign up for shifts providing brief advice to people who call our statewide helpline. Find out more about volunteering with our legal advice helpline.